Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dayo: Win free movie passes c/o Click the City

The buzz is building around Dayo, the Philippines’ first all-digital full-length animated feature film. Dayo is a story about the magical adventure of an 11-year old kid named Bubuy who embarks on a journey to save his abducted grandparents from the land of Elementalia. Along the way, Bubuy meets a teen manananggal named Anna Manananggirl who helps him find the missing grandparents. With his new friend, Bubuy finds Elementalia—the magical land that hosts strange flora and fauna, and mystical creatures from Philippine mythology. The life-changing adventure transforms Bubuy from a timid, bullied kid to a strong, confident young man able to stand up for himself, to fight for his values, and to hold on to the things, and most importantly, to the people most important in his life.

It's a great film for kids of all ages and a must see during the MMFF season.

Clickthecity.com is now giving all Philippine residents a chance to win free movie passes to watch this groundbreaking movie. Just go to this page, answer the question and complete the form.


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