Sunday, December 14, 2008

Special Offer: Filipina Coffee Table Book

I love coffee table books. They have kept me company on numerous occasions while waiting for my dentist, helped start conversations while visiting a stranger's house and yes, given me ideas for photographs/crafts/gifts etc. You can tell a lot about a person when you see his/her collection of coffee table books. Is he a vintage car buff? Does she love modern art? Are they nationalistic?

Given that they are oversized and tend to be of heavy construction, coffee table books are items that you give as housewarming gifts or Christmas gifts. On my own personal wishlist are Terno, Hiyas and Filipino Style.

Filipina: A Tribute to the Filipino Woman is another beautifully designed book featuring over 200 photographs highlighting the elegance, determination, devotion, sensibility and individuality of the Filipina. Retailing at Amazon for $295, Proudly Filipina members will be able to buy the book for PHP1,500 for a limited time only. To join the online social network, please go to You may then pre-order the book at


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