Monday, January 26, 2009

Bargain Hunting at Waltermart Makati

I love love love rummaging through bargain stores. One never knows what (cheap) treasures one might find.

I was at Waltermart Makati over the weekend to watch a movie and realized that there not just one but 3 bargain stores there:

The Japan Home Center where everything’s P88...
The One Price Store where bargains can be made at P99....

And the American Bazaar where prices start at P66.

The best deal of the day?

This pedometer for just P88 at the JHC.

Perfect. Now I start my 10,000 Steps a Day Program. =)

Note: The pedometer is available only at JHC outlet at Waltermart. Just ask them to point the way to the “timers”. =)

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