Monday, March 9, 2009

MV Doulos is back!!!!

MV Doulus arrived in Manila a few days ago and will be here until March 30, 2009. It is the Largest Floating Bookshop in the world, with over 6000 titles of books stored on board. The books on sale range from thousands of titles covering subjects, such as Science, Sports, Hobbies, Cookery, Christian Living, Arts, Philosophy, and Children's Literature, among others. While most of the books are in English, one can also find books in other languages. The books are supplied by recognized and respected publishers in the UK and USA. The floating Book Fair is open to the general public.

Book Shop Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday and Monday 2pm - 10pm
Entrance Fee: 10 Pesos

As well as a diverse range of books, it also carries a diverse group of people with about 320 volunteers living aboard DOULOS coming from over 50 different countries. Come and meet them on these dates:

Travel around the world with Doulos (Open Day)
Saturday, Mar 07, 2pm-5pm Free
Sunday, Mar 15, 2pm-5pm Free
Come and see the different cultures onboard. Hear from the Doulos crew where they come and what they do on the ship! Enjoy a special afternoon for the whole family.

International Cafe
Sunday, Mar 08, 7-9pm P50.00
Enjoy a relaxed evening of music, drama and dance in a cafe setting. Meet the crew from this floating United Nations!

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