Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good news: Seniors, PWDs get parking benefits in Makati

This is great news for the Senior Citizens and Persons With Disabilities of Makati City.


Seniors, PWDs get parking benefits in Makati

By Allison Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:19:00 08/23/2009

Filed Under: Local authorities, Laws

MANILA, Philippines – Makati City's senior citizens and persons with disabilities have been exempted from a three-hour parking limit in the Central Business District.

The Makati city council recently approved Ordinance 2009-029 to grant exemption to the elderly and PWDs from Ordinance 97-175, which limits the use of on-street parking in the CBD to a maximum of three hours, after which motorists should vacate the area or incur penalties.

Under the ordinance, seniors and PWDs would be exempted if they are the ones driving the vehicle or are passengers of the vehicle. The seniors and PWDs must also show a valid senior citizen or PWD card to the parking attendant.

However, the senior citizen or PWD would still have to pay the parking fee for the first three hours, while the fee for the excess hours would be settled upon leaving the parking space.

Senior citizens in Makati are already exempt from the number-coding scheme through an ordinance earlier approved by the city council.

Aside from enjoying free movies in the city, the elderly also receive other perks like cash gifts and cakes on their birthdays.

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