Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 5: FREE paper maché piggy bank making workshop with Robert Alejandro

Do you remember "Art is-Kool"?

The host, Kuya Robert's is inviting everyone to join a FREE papier maché piggy bank making workshop at ATD Fourth World Philippines.

5 Sept 2009 • RSVP call zabeth @ 563 9312
The piggy banks made during the workshop will be sold to benefit street libraries / festivals and workshops for ATD families this Christmas!

About Robert Alejandro:

Robert A. Alejandro has designed numerous award winning books,magazines, retail shops, themeparks, environmental graphics for public spaces, and malls. Robert has been involved in retail and product design since the 70's when he designed for the family business "Papemelroti". Today, he continues to design paper products, memo pads, calendars, wrapping paper, T-shirts and other products for various clients.
Robert is also an on camera reporter for "Probe" wherein he is tagged as the "drawing reporter". He works with Cheche Lazaro and his sketches are a big part of his reportage. Robert was also the host of "Art is-kool", a popular program teaching art to children.

ATD Fourth World Philippines
ATD Fourth World Philippines has been in existence since 1989. Through the assistance and support from friends and some organizations, ATD Philippines has established links with 4 Manila impoverished communities, namely North Cemetery, Hilum and Lozada in Pandacan, Ilalim ng Tulay (Under the Bridge) at Quirino Avenue in Paco. The team also regularly visits resettlement areas of some of the ATD families in Bulacan and Laguna which are located outside Metro Manila. In all the communities, ATD Philippines has the following regular programs: Street Libraries, Forums, Workshops, and the Festival of Learning. Aside from these programs, ATD has done Tapori activities like the Silhouette Campaign in schools and museums and livelihood seminars for the adults. One of its newest programs is mentoring and tutorial to out-of-school youths. This program was initiated borne out of the concern of many parents to prevent their children from taking drugs and sniffing rugby.

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