Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May 2: Selecta's Biggest Ice Cream Feast

This is one of my favorite commercials and it's not just because it has Aga Mulach. =)

Anyway, if you're a serious ice cream lover, here's some great news...

Go to Selecta Ice Cream Land: Selecta's Biggest Ice Cream Feast this Sunday, May 2 at SM Mall of Asia!

Entrance fee: P50/head only (inclusive of free  rides all day, fun games, and the ice cream buffet)

Join the Cornetto-eating contest with a special prize for the entire family!

Meet and greet celebrities such as Carmina, Zoren, and kids, the PBB Big 5, Agua Bendita, Sam Concepcion, Star  Magic Kids, and the Cornetto Bouncer!

Bring your entire family and enjoy a day of fun, fun, fun!

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