Friday, April 23, 2010

Yo!Noy shirts available now!

Youth for Noy or Yo! Noy is a group that believes in promoting youth engagement in the political process. Yo!Noy is made up of students, community youth, youth leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals who believe that the coming elections is an opportunity to effect real change in the government. The group strives to increase public awareness on the value of the elections in determining our future and the future of the nation.

Yo!Noy recently teamed up with Analog soul to come up with shirts incorporating the symbols which capture the spirit of the Yo!Noy movement - the Laban sign & the Yellow Ribbon.  These are now available in Analog Stores at Archeology, Rockwell Center, at the Ramp (Glorietta 4), and Trinoma. For more information on Analog Soul and visit Analog Soul at

Check out the super sale at Analog Soul Rockwell!

As low as P250 on selected items!

Hurry, this is only until April 30!

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