Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grab-a-Cab: Call 525-2222 for peace of mind recently found a new company that puts both taxi operators and commuters at ease, and it goes by the easy-to-remember name of Grab-a-Cab.
Established only last January, Grab-a-Cab aims to make small and mid-size taxi companies upgrade from the standard radio system to its modern, computerized dispatching solution. The bundled Grab-a-Cab solution includes GPS tracking for each unit in the taxi fleet, mobile data terminals, data airtime, automated dispatch, much faster call processing and dispatch times, and the elimination of errors and duplicate trips. Grab-a-Cab also takes care of the maintenance of each GPS unit, and provides customized taxi dispatch services per client. The result? Increased efficiency, no dispatch bias, better fleet monitoring, and lower costs for the taxi companies.

For commuters, it is good to hear that 24/7 Taxi with a fleet size of 100 units will be joining Grab-A-Cab Taxi dispatching. All they need to do is call 525-2222 for peace of mind


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